Goodreads Giveaway

We are thrilled to be able to offer a Goodreads Book Giveaway for Death at Fair Havens! From today, March 21st through the end of the month, you can enter to win one of 10 free copies!

And yes, dear reader, I’m sure you’re saying, “But I already preordered! What could I possibly do with a SECOND copy of the book?”

Well, first of all, gold star for you if you’re facing this problem! Thank you so much for the support and enthusiasm! Secondly, can you ever have too many books? (What, you’re saying you don’t keep multiple copies of the same title around in case a good friend’s birthday rolls around? This has been one of my favorite practices in the last few years – sometimes I hand them out to people even when it isn’t a special occasion, because what day isn’t made better by receiving a free book? Seriously – that feeling when the sun hits your face as you leave the library with a bag of books to read? It. Is. The. Best.

Along those lines, find a Little Library for your extra copy! We love Little Libraries and stop to peruse them every chance we get. My personal favorite is about half a mile from my house – the builder painted a sleeping Snoopy on the door, and everytime I see it, I’m reminded of my Grandma Liz. I spent many wonderful hours of my childhood reading with her, and she absolutely loved Charlie Brown. Now, every time I walk by, I get a little frisson of joy thinking of her.

You could also donate it to a shelter. I’ve talked to many of the unhoused folks in our neighborhood and they’re always looking for books to read. In fact, two years ago, my older son put together care packages for some of these neighbors, and along with gloves, hand warmers, and snacks, he picked a book for each bag. The memory of him asking me to take him to the store to pick out books for that project is one of the best of my life. Is there anything more pure than children recognizing the great gift that is a book? (And thank you, Leo Lionni, for the wonder that is Frederick, a picture book celebrating the importance of feeding our souls with words, especially when we’re wrung out and empty.)

And you know what? If none of that appeals, it’s okay. We’re all tired right now, and it can be hard to do one more thing. But if you want to feed yourself, don’t forget a good book…

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