The Rev and Rye holiday shorts are available now!

After what several of you have told us has been an unfairly long wait since April, we are releasing our Rev and Rye holiday shorts to you for FREE!

Here! Right here! Click me!

“I Could Murder a Pecan Pie” and “All I Really Want for Christmas is You…to Avoid a Misdemeanor” are holiday prequels to the novel Death at Fair Havens, published by Brain Mill Press. It’s a chance to get to know our two detectives before they start dodging murders. You do not need to have read Death at Fair Havens, but if you haven’t, we hope reading these stories will send you to the library or the bookstore. If you are already a friend to the sleuthing pair, we hope you enjoy getting to know them better and encourage others to try the stories and read the book. There are twenty-eight recognized holidays between now and January (not including birthdays, folks) – grab a copy for someone you love, like, or barely tolerate! T’is the season!

Death in the Woods, the second book in the Rev and Rye Mystery Series, will be released by Brain Mill Press in fall 2023.

Purchase your copy of Death at Fair Havens at Amazon, Barnes and Noble, BookshopPowells, or straight from our wonderful publishers at Brain Mill Press.

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